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Engine developer dreammaster, Tor Andersson
Companies that used it See Sub-engines
Games that use it See Sub-engines
Date added to ScummVM December 9, 2018
First release containing it None


ScummGlk is an engine that implements the Glk API for text adventures (aka interactive fiction). Under it sits a number of sub-engines, each supporting a different company's and/or category of text adventures.


  • Alan2 - For playing games created with the Adventure Language System.
  • Frotz - For playing Infocom games and more recent Z-code games authored using Inform.
  • Glulxe - For playing Glulx games authored using Inform.
  • Magnetic - For playing the Magnetic Scrolls games.
  • Scott - For playing the Scott Adams games.
  • TADS - For playing games created with the Text Adventure Development System.



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