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Every now and then somebody will raise the subject of finding a 'better' name for ScummVM, one that fits better with it's modern scope (which extends well beyond SCUMM games). So here we present you with some nice alternatives. Choose whichever suits you best -- but we will stay ScummVM.

  • Set of Clumsy but Universal MultiMedia-related Virtual Machines
  • Strict Club of Uber-Majestic Mad Virtual Machines
  • Set of Cool Uber-Merriment <M> Virtual Machines
  • Someday Crowds will Unload Mighty, Mad and Valor Meltdown
  • SCummvm is not a Usual Man-Made Valued Merchandise
  • Sorta Cool UltiMative gaMe Virtual Machines
  • Soon Computer adventUre gaMes May conVince Masses
  • SCripted, Universal and Multipurpose interpreter for Many games Virtual Machine
  • Standard Classic Universal Multi Misery Virtual Machine
  • Superevil Computerprogrammers Using Malicious Machinecode for Villainy Masterhood