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=== Doc Sprint 2013 ===
=== Doc Sprint 2013 ===
[[Doc Sprint/Application/2013|ScummVM application]]
[[Doc Sprint/Application/2013|Organization application form]] for Doc Sprint 2013

== Some useful GSoD related links ==
== Some useful GSoD related links ==

Latest revision as of 04:06, 9 July 2021

Google Season of Docs is a relatively new program to help mentor Technical Writers by pairing them with Open Source software.

For more information about GSoD, feel free to visit Google Season of Docs Main Page

Feel free to check out the GSoD Ideas page. Everybody is welcome to work on tasks listed there (or come up with tasks of their own), independent from the SoC.

We also developed some Project Rules which are obligatory for our technical writers.

There are some Guidelines for our technical writers, information of what we expect to see in an application and Tips From Past GSoD'ers.

To contact the team see information on Season of Docs/GSoD Contact.

Information about current GSoD event

GSoD 2020

Organization application form for GSoD 2020

Information about past GSoD events

GSoD 2019

The ScummVM organization did not apply.

Doc Sprint 2013

Organization application form for Doc Sprint 2013

Some useful GSoD related links