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Updated bio|
Digitall (aka tdhs on is a developer for ScummVM, .<br>He started by working primarily on the first stages of supporting Myst in the Mohawk Myst supportengine, but is now procrastinating badly by:* Triaging/Fixing Bugs.* Closing Memory Leaks and fixing other issues reported by Valgrind.* Completing Operation Stealth support in Cine.* Completing Big Red Adventure support in Parallaction. * Far too much else :/
== ToDo ==
==Mohawk = Coding ===* Myst ME Only : * Get QDM2 working. * Get SVQ1 working.
* All Myst Versions ME : ** Get QDM2 working with no valgrind leaks etc.** Get SVQ1 working.** Look at making JPEG Decoder IDCT more efficient i.e. fixed point integer or at least less floats. <br>- This is part of the reason why Myst ME card changes take so long. * Look at Myst card screen update logic. * Look at Myst Type 10/11/12 resource control. * Work out unknown regions in Myst Save/Load files.


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