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One option for solving this, is to create a backend for OS X that doesn't use SDL. This would mean writing replacement code for the parts where SDL currently handles things (i.e. atleast audio/video/input, but possible other details). A major aim of such a project would be to retain backwards compatibility with 10.2 as we have today, while allowing for a good user experience on the very latest OS X versions as well
=== Text to speech ===
Technical contacts: Our IRC channel, our mailing list, or contact [[User:Strangerke|Arnaud Boutonné]] or [[User:criezy|Thierry Crozat]]
We have two suggested tasks in the direction of text-to-speech:
==== Adding text to speech support in Mortville Manor ====
Difficulty: easy.
The original Mortville Manor game was using a speech synthesis based on PC Speaker.
The purpose of this task is to replace obsolete speech synthesis by an external dependency which will allow to implement a
decent text to speech generation, in (at least) French, German and English.
==== Adding speech synthesis of on-screen text for people with reduced sight or for learning to read ====
Difficulty: medium.
Using the same library used in the previous task, add a similar text to speech generation for other games. The exact list of titles should be defined as soon as possible between the mentors and the student.
This task would allow people suffering of sight issues to play more games in ScummVM, but it could also be very useful to help people to learn how to read.


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