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→‎All SCI32 (SCI2/3) games: Remove extra datafiles instructions for Phant1 which are erroneous (digital release) or not necessary any more (the engine blacklists known-bad resource patches now)
* When copying files from the original CDs, rename the RESOURCE.SFX from each CD to RESSFX.00<cdnumber>, and the RESOURCE.AUD from each CD to RESAUD.00<cdnumber>, to match the corresponding RESSCI.00<cdnumber> file that exists on each CD.
* For Phantasmagoria 1, do ''not'' copy 37.MAP or 65535.MAP files from the CDs, if they exist. Also, copy only the PDOCO.TXT from the ''first'' CD. From digital download (, Steam, etc.): * For Phantasmagoria 1, delete the 37.MAP and 65535.MAP files, if they exist. Note that these files may exist either in the game’s root directory or in a PATCHES subdirectory, and should be deleted regardless of location.
'''''Phantasmagoria 2'''''


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