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β†’β€ŽAll SCI32 (SCI2/3) games: Fix GK1 instructions
* Copy all files from each CD to the game directory. Directories that exist on multiple discs (e.g. ROBOT and VMD directories) must be merged together, not replaced. Some games need additional work:
'''''Gabriel Knight 1 from'''''
Rename GK1.GOG to GK1.ISO, mount the ISO, and copy the files from the ISO in the normal manner.
'''''Leisure Suit Larry 6 hires'''''
* Do ''not'' copy RESDUK.PAT.
''''' releases'''''
Some games sold by contain an ISO file with a .GOG extension (e.g. Gabriel Knight comes with a GK1.GOG). In these cases, you must change the file extension of the file to .iso, mount the ISO, copy all files from the ISO to your game directory, then copy all other files from the GOG directory into the game directory.
==Secret of Monkey Island, The==


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