Starship Titanic

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Starship Titanic
First release 1998
Also known as N/A
Developed by The Digital Village
Published by R&P Electronic Media
Distributed by R&P Electronic Media
Platforms Windows, Macintosh
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Titanic
Support Not officially supported. A WIP engine is
available in our Git repository.
Available for

Starship Titanic is a point and click adventure game where the Starship Titanic experiences a system failure and crash lands on Earth during its maiden voyage.


  • We don't fully support Indeo 4 encoded videos that contain transparency data directly in the video frames. We currently do a best guess estimation - this is particularly noticeable in the SuperGalacticTraveler bedroom, where you'll jagged black borders around the various pieces of furniture.
  • We also don't support the QSound library the original game used for simulating sounds in 3D space to output to standard stereo. We just do a very basic reduction of volume based on sounds' distance from the player.
  • The last puzzle of the game, the 3D starmap, contains a massive amount of code. This includes a lot of matrix manipulations, a lot of whose methods still have anonymous names like 'fn1'. We could really use a developer with more mathematical experience to spend time cleaning up the code base and giving everything better names.
  • Proper support for the German version. Though it currently starts up, I don't know how far you can get in it. It's waiting on:
    • The create_titanic tool needs proper translations for a bunch of text
    • I also recall that calls to play sounds I looked at between the two languages had different numbers in the German version. If this turns out to be the case, it would require going through every single playSound call in the English executable, finding the correct number in the German version, and adding a language if/then/else into the ScummVM source for it.
    • I'm also unsure if there were any changes to the conversation parser for the German version. When implementing it, I noticed the comprehensive word list had German synonyms for the English words, so I'm hoping it will already handle German without any further changes.

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