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  • Engine runs well
  • Game works, and probably completable
  • No speech and music
  • Protagonists are not drawn
  • Problems with some blending
  • Slow video playback, out of sync


  • Audio support
  • Get rid of Window classes. We handle that in OSystem
  • Enhance package manager to allow running with extracted data just like original did
  • Graphics:
    • Doublecheck color component order. What I had to do now is specify engine colorspace as BGRA8888 which is weird.
    • Speedup Theora video playback
    • Audio sync for Theora video playback
    • Check alpha blending with original (gfx/opengl/glimage.cpp)
    • mirroring (same)
    • Vector image rendering. They used agg for spline drawing, so we need to reimplement that (borrow from agg/gimp/inkscape?)
  • Get rid of BS_SERVICE_TABLE (?)
    • because it is (a) ugly concept (b) implemented with global constructors. The worse approach would be to turn those into Singleton classes, but proper would be to remove the wrappers completely since we do not have multiple implementations of each service
  • Enforce our naming conventions, particularly for classes, methods and variables
  • Translate comments from German