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ScummVM was also ported to the SymbianOS platform. We have support for the the following categories of SymbianOS phones:

If you do not know the exact type of your phone we suggest you check each of these pages of the specific types and look for your phone in the compatibility list. If you have found the type of your phone you will need to download the corresponding .SIS binary package (SIS stands for SymbianOS Installer System) either the UIQ, S60 (v1 or v2), S80 or S90 version. The binary installer packages for each of these types can be found on the downloads page.

Please note: These pages are very fresh, so bare with us while we fill in the necessary information.

We hope that you will enjoy playing vintage games on your mobile phones as we do! For comments or questions please use the SymbianOS section on the Forums.