SymbianOS S80

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Here is a table of the phones this build works on. Empty green boxes mean no problems.

Compatibility list SymbianOS S80 build

Device OS SDK Comments Sound SCUMM HE Simon Fotaq BASS Sword ITE Gob
Nokia 9500 Communicator 7.0s S80 2.0
Nokia 9300 Communicator 7.0s S80 2.0
Nokia 9210 Communicator 6.0 S80 1.0
Nokia 9210i Communicator 6.0 S80 1.0

If you happen to know if this build does or does not work on a specific device, then please let us know and we will put your results up here for others to profit from!


No problems Minor problems Major problems Untested (assumed to work, please let us know!)