The 7th Guest

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The 7th Guest
First release 1993
Also known as T7G
Developed by Trilobyte
Published by Virgin
Distributed by Telstar Fun & Games, Virgin
Platforms CD-i, DOS, Macintosh, Windows
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine Groovie
Support Since ScummVM 0.13.0
Available for

The 7th Guest was the first game to be released by Trilobyte, and the first to use the Groovie engine. The introduction tells the story of Stauf, a toy-maker who builds a mansion, and then the user takes control of a character (referred to as Ego), who has no idea who he is or how he got there, as he solves the puzzles in Stauf's mansion to discover the truth about what happened there.


  • The DOS, Windows and Macintosh versions are supported.
  • The CD-i release seems to be done using a Philips' custom engine (it doesn't use the Groovie engine for sure), so we won't be able to support it in ScummVM.

Audio Tracks

Most versions of The 7th Guest have audio tracks on the CDs, and the first audio track on each CD is played at some point in the game. Following the normal ScummVM rules for copying games with audio tracks would give two audio tracks named "" (where "xxx" is "mp3", "ogg", or "flac"). To get around this problem, the first audio track from the first CD should be ripped as "", and the audio track from the second CD as "" (the second audio track on the first CD, if present, is blank and unused).

Known issues

  • External videos added with the Windows Beta player ( aren't supported yet.
  • Paletted cursors aren't handled very nicely on platforms that don't support them, e.g. WinCE.
  • VDX player is not very efficient (e.g. slow on WinCE/GP2XWiz etc.).

Original game bugs which also occur in ScummVM

  • Library secret door - this is actually how the video was rendered, and as such is not fixable Template:BugTrackSF.
  • Game room → kitchen secret passage - this only occurs in Open House mode, not in normal gameplay Template:BugTrackSF.
  • Doll room flip puzzle impossible to win in some cases Template:BugTrackSF.

Original game bugs which have been fixed in ScummVM

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