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The Curse of Monkey Island
First release 1997
Also known as Monkey Island 3,
Monkey 3, MI3,
Developed by LucasArts
Published by LucasArts
Distributed by Activision
Platforms Windows
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine SCUMM
Support Since ScummVM 0.4.0
Available for

The Curse of Monkey Island was the third game in the Monkey Island series, and the twelfth game to use the SCUMM scripting language. The game first follows Guybrush as he is captured by the Zombie Pirate LeChuck, and must escape from the hold of LeChuck's pirate ship. Later Guybrush accidently turns his love, Elaine, into a gold statue with a cursed ring. Now, he has to find an uncursed ring to change her back.


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

Create a game directory with the following files:

  • RESOURCE folder (with content from both CDs)
  • COMI.LA0
  • COMI.LA1
  • COMI.LA2

Game languages

The following language choices are available when using command-line arguments or the "Language" option in the game-specific settings. For more information, see the user documentation

  • en - English (default)
  • de - German
  • fr - French
  • it - Italian
  • pt - Portuguese
  • es - Spanish
  • jp - Japanese
  • zh - Chinese
  • kr - Korean

Default controls

To change these controls, use the Keymaps tab in the global or game-specific settings. For more information, see the user documentation

Hotkey Description
Ctrl + 0-9 Loads saved game
Alt + 0-9 Saves game
Crtl + Alt + d Starts the debugger
Crtl + f Toggles fast mode on/off
Crtl + g Toggles really REALLY fast mode on/off
Crtl + t Switches between 'Speech only', 'Speech and Subtitles' and 'Subtitles only'
Tilde ~ Shows/hides the debugging console
[ and ] Changes music volume down/up
- and + Changes text speed slower/faster
F5 Displays the save/load window
Alt + F5 Displays the original save/load window, if the game has one.
Space Pauses
Period . Skips current line of text in some games
Enter Simulates left mouse button click
Tab Simulates right mouse button click

Boot Params

For more information on using boot params, see the Boot Params wiki page.

Target: comi.

Param Description
199 stop the music
200 in the treasure hold
201 part II
202 credits room
203 credits room
205 elaine gets stolen
206 beginning the cannon puzzle
215 testing the first person cannon view
220 animated skeleton
225 baby lechuck
226 just talked to voodoo lady
230 testing getting gold tooth
240 testing banjo duel
241 testing easy banjo duel
245 testing caber toss
247 testing caber toss
250 getting the barber shop scissors
255 blowing the tooth-filled helium bubble
260 getting through the jungle
270 danjer beach is open
275 test making rubber plug
280 fixed hole in danjer beach rowboat
281 EASY MODE fixed hole in danjer beach rowboat
282 on lc-deck tarred and feathered
285 testing chicken cos
290 in lc-qurtr after LeChimp's retirement
291 getting out of chicken bucket
300 testing the chicken shop
350 do spotlight puzzle
400 testing brimstone beach club
450 testing brimstone beach club getting the map
460 finish chapter two
465 start rhymes with orange
470 on the deck
475 on the deck
480 begin an insult fight
500 ship combat
502 ship combat
590 ship combat Ready to attack Rottingham
595 ship combat Ready to swordfight Rottingham
600 start blood island
605 waking goodsoup
610 testing trial 1 on blood island
615 trying to become a goodsoup
620 guybrush is a Goodsoup
630 testing gestroom
648 on Skull Island
649 on Skull Island
650 testing Skull Island and smugglers
655 test card game
660 test smuggler's cave battle
660 test stan's crypt
680 test altar
690 test windmill
700 trial 3 the cheese puzzle
710 ready to free elaine
715 have everything to free elaine
720 ready to go to Skull Island
900 beginning of chapter 5 (gondola)
950 at the carnival as l'il guybrush
1000 carnival
1020 at carnival with snowcone ingredients
1050 coaster
1070 hang-dia
2000 win

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