The Last Express

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The Last Express
No Screenshot Available
First release 1997
Also known as N/A
Developed by Smoking Car Productions
Published by Brøderbund, Interplay
Distributed by Brøderbund, Interplay
Platforms Windows, DOS, Mac
Resolution 640x480, 24-bit color
Engine Lastexpress
Support Not officially supported.
A WIP engine is available
in our SVN repository.
Available for

The Last Express was an adventure game that takes place in 1914. Robert Cath, an American doctor who is suspected of murder of an Irish police officer, is on the last voyage of the Orient Express from Paris to Constantinople days before World War I. He is on the train to travel to the East to escape from his troubles, at the urging of his friend who is already on board. However, as soon as he arrives on board, Robert becomes involved in a web of lies,conspiracy, and murder. The game takes place in real time, and the player can rewind and occasionally fast-forward time as well.

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