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Name Tucker Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) Tucker Engine Team
Subsystem Engine

Main TODO items

Bugs also in the original game


  • Bud animation glitch in front of museum [Bug #10430]
  • Background pixels leaking into foreground [Bug #10423]
  • Panel background off by one pixel [Bug #10496]
  • Bud allowed to walk outside walkable area when visiting the club [Bug #5838]
  • Bug able to walk through closed cellar door [Bug #6645]
  • Verb "Use" uses capitalized "With" in sentence bar [Bug #10445]
  • Glitch when using map in part 3-mall without location change [Bug #10452]
  • Bud allowed to walk during cutscene when freeing the professor

Not fixed

None (?).

ScummVM bugs

None (?).