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Joined 26 May 2007
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Name Kari Salminen
Team Member since 2007-04-12
Working on AGI and Cine engines
Personal webpage/BLOG blog
Email buddha AT scummvm DOT org

Google Summer of Code 2008

Google Summer of Code 2007

During summer of 2007 I participated in the Google Summer of Code and worked on ScummVM's AGI engine.


Main ToDo items

  • Revamp Cine's rendering classes (FWRenderer and OSRenderer)
    • Palette handling could possibly be combined between FW and OS
    • Collision page should map to 9th background in OS but it currently doesn't
      • This is actually why the doors aren't revolving in OS's labyrinth arcade sequence
  • Add support for Operation Stealth to the Cine engine
  • Fix AGI related bugs
  • Finish Apple IIGS sound support for the AGI engine
  • Add support for loading .INI files to the AGI engine (FR #1881179)
  • Add support for more than 10 savegames to the Cine engine

Minor ToDo items

  • Update info on AGI datafiles to include Apple IIGS related files etc
  • Disable CGA rendering for AGI256 and AGI256-2 games
  • Add priority drawing for cels in AGI256 and AGI256-2 mode
  • Check if saving & restoring in AGI games is broken when using the 2 argument version of
  • Add 'restart game' functionality to the Cine engine
  • Add saving of script names to Operation Stealth's savegames to ease debugging


  • Map Apple IIGS AGI games' MIDI instruments to General Midi and/or Roland MT-32
  • Add option for always adding Slow/Normal/Fast/Fastest to AGI games' menus
    • This isn't present e.g. in Apple IIGS version of Black Cauldron
    • Do the scripts only add speed controls if vComputer isn't AppleIIGS?
  • Do some funky stuff to convert AGI games to support different aspects ratios besides 320:200 (e.g. 16:9 or 21:9)
    • Using a form of content-aware scaling and possibly somehow correcting horizontal values in scripts from 0-159 to 0-X where X <= 255
  • If Apple IIGS AGI games all work correctly in ScummVM then perhaps GOG could legally sell and support them using ScummVM?
    • This way more people could be made aware of the most aurally advanced (Including MIDI and samples) AGI game versions i.e. the Apple IIGS versions