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Name John Willis
Team Member since 2006
Working on GP2X backend
Personal webpage/BLOG -
Email djwillis (at scummvm org)

Primarily GP2X port maintainer and historically worked on the GP32 port.

Personal TODO


  • Improve GP2X F200 touch screen support
  • Implement user defined key mapping
  • Profile GP2X backend
  • Revisit the scaling and mouse emulation code


Wish list

I currently lack many of the rarer games supported by ScummVM. If anybody is willing to pass on any of these games and would like to see support improved on the GP2X drop me a line. Originals only please, condition not important as long as the media works.

I would be really grateful if anybody wishes to part with I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream and Future Wars so I can look at improving GP2X support for these specific games.

It is also worth noting that I current lack a working GP2X so am supporting the port without hardware. If anybody wants to part with an old F100 (or an F200) for a small consideration please let me know.