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Things planned to do (in order of priority):
Things planned to do (in order of priority):

* finish proper Kanji support in SCUMM
* sword25 portable saves
* Loom PCE
* cine engine
* football U32
* football U32
* event recorder
* plugin versioning
* picture engine

== Wish list ==
== Wish list ==

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Name Eugene Sandulenko
Team Member since 2003-12-05
Working on most engines, SDL backend, infrastructure
Personal webpage/BLOG blog
Email sev (at scummvm org)

I am co-lead developer of ScummVM, together with Fingolfin. I started to contribute patches to ScummVM on October 12th, 2003 and joined the project on December 5th of the same year. My first big contribution was support for FT INSANE. Later I worked or managed almost every part of ScummVM, including our website. Also I manage releases since 0.8.0.


Things planned to do (in order of priority):

  • sword25 portable saves
  • football U32
  • event recorder
  • plugin versioning
  • picture engine

Wish list

Games I'd like to have (only originals, with manuals, full size boxes aren't obligatory). I don't care that they will be brand new or sealed. The main thing is that the media will be readable.

  • Gob engine -- these will let me perform proper engine testing and improvement
    • Educational games
      • ADDY Buschu/ADDY Junior/ADDY (German titles). I already have some.
      • ADIBOUd'CHOU/ADIBOU/ADI (French). Same titles in French
      • Adiboo (Spanish). Perhaps ADI/ADDY also exist
      • Any other language for these games
    • Bargon Attack English
    • Amiga/Atari/Mac versions of games except Amiga Gob1/Gob2. These are usually cheap.
  • SCUMM engine
    • Localized versions of Humongous Entertainment games -- I collect them, have over 100 games already
    • Target-branded Humongous Entertainment games -- several those version-specific bugs were reported
    • Korean/Japanese/Chinese LEC games -- for better support of eastern encodings
      • Especially I'm after Japanese Full Throttle, DIG and Curse of Monkey Island. If you have them, contact me in any case, even if you can't donate or sell the copy
    • Mac monkey2 -- potential target for using mac-specific music tracks
  • Broken Sword 1 Mac -- for support of its music
  • BASS Amiga CD32 -- simply I don't have it
  • Kyra 1/2 floppy English -- simply I don't have them