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Name Neeraj Kumar
Team Member since 2010-04-26
Working on Test Framework for scummVM subsystems
Personal webpage/BLOG blog

I am Neeraj, one of the GSoC 2010 students for scummVM.

I shall be working on adding a testing framework for scummVM subsystems.

The objective of this project will be to enhance the ScummVM unit testing infrastructure by implementing a "Test Engine".Unlike unit tests, a test engine would enable testing on all the ScummVM ports.

Using a test-engine would help in testing various features like (game detection, filesystem navigation, graphics, audio.. etc) in an integrated and non-isolated manner.

To track my developments regarding the project, I have created a blog here where I would be posting my updates.

Current Tentative GSoC Project Schedule

Week Targets Status
Week 1 Use the quux template to create a dummy engine, refactor it and update on wiki.Use that as basic-testbed. Carve out the design draft of the various subsystems and their details to be tested, design draft can be found here. Done
Week 2 Create the basic generic framework for adding and executing tests and doing non-subsystem specific things like counting and printing results etc. Done
Week 3 Use the test framework created in week 2 for adding tests.Write code for the GFXSubsystem tests(Screen Graphics/Overlay/(Palettized/scaled) cursors etc.) In Progress(So far almost done with screen graphics and cursors)
Week 4 Similarly write tests to test the file subsystem namely (File Accessing and Saving) Yet to be done
Week 5 Write tests for miscellaneous subsystems namely Timer/event/Date and Mutexes. Yet to be done
Week 6 Tests for Audio Subsystem Yet to be done
Week 7 Tests for Midi and audio CD subsystem Yet to be done
Week 8 Configure the testing framework to be configurable from a config file, and ability to execute customizable test suites Yet to be done
Week 9 Testing of the framework/Documentation Yet to be done
Weeks 10-12 Add missing/requested features, improved user interface(if required), Make it as better as it could be ;-) Yet to be done

for more details on how each subsystem is tested, please have a look at this. Besides I shall also be posting my progress at my [ blog.]