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This is my sandbox for testing things.









  1. From the downloads page, download the appropriate download for your version of macOS/Mac OS X and CPU.
  2. After the disk image (.dmg) file is downloaded, double click on it and Disk Copy will mount the image.
  3. Once it is mounted, copy the files inside to the Applications folder or another location where you wish to store it.


From the downloads page, download the maemo package. This is a *.deb file. Save it to the tablet. From the Application Manager, choose the "Application"->"Install From File" menu option and select the *.deb you downloaded.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo DS

To run ScummVM on your DS you will need an unofficial card reader. Once you have one working you just have to download the ScummVM package for Nintendo DS on the download page, unzip it, and copy the files on your MicroSD card using your PC card reader.

To decrease the memory usage ScummVM for Nintendo DS has been split into several builds. Depending on the game you want to play you will have to select the correct build. Even so, some of the games cannot be run on a Nintendo DS because they require too much memory. You can find the list of supported games and which build you need to use for each one in the readme_ds.txt file present in the ScummVM Nintendo DS package. This information is also available on the Nintendo DS page.

You can find more informations on how to get ScummVM to work on a Nintendo DS on which is the official website for the ScummVM Nintendo DS port.

Nintendo Switch


PlayStation 3

PlayStation Portable

PlayStation Vita


Raspberry Pi





From the downloads page, download either the Win32 .zip file or the Win32 .exe file. If you download the .zip file, you will need a program such as WinZip to open it. After opening the archive, copy it to the folder where you want to put it. If you download the .exe installer, you will get options where you want to install it. Choose the location to where you want to install it. Also, the installer places a shortcut in the Start Menu.