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This is a list of persons with a wiki account and the tasks they are working on. This page is automatically generated from the User pages. If you want to update your information this has to be done in the User template of your user page. If you are not listed on this page this probably means you are not using the User Template on your User page.

There is also a Developers Bios page that list many persons who have worked on ScummVM (including those who don't have a wiki account) and also provides a map showing where everybody comes from.


SymbianOS port


WinCE port

MacVenture port,
Macintosh interface...

PSP platform
PSP Optimization

  • bonki (Adrian Frühwirth)
Tucker Engine

AGI and Cine engines (Retired)

Mohawk, Pegasus, Wiki,
Documentation, PreAGI

Return to Launcher
Global Main Menu
Savestate Management

User Manual, Wiki maintenance
Translations coordinator
macOS X maintainer and packager
Sword1 Engine, Drascula Engine, Supernova Engine

  • cyx (Gregory Montoir)

GP2X backend



Access Egine, AGOS Engine, CGE Engine,
CGE2 Engine, Cruise Engine,
Hopkins Engine, Lure Engine,
MADS Engine, M4 Engine,
Mortevielle Engine, Sherlock Engine,
Sword25 Engine, ScummGlk Engine,
Tinsel Engine, Titanic Engine,
Tony Tough Engine, TsAGE Engine,
and Voyeur Engine

AGI Engine

CruisE Engine

SCUMM, Broken Sword 2, SAGA, Gob, AGOS

  • Hkz (Fabio Battaglia)
N64 port, Dingux port


sky, queen, PSP port

Windows CE Port

Lastexpress, Liath, Asylum, Ring

WebOS port

SCUMM, HE, sword2

AGOS Engine, HE games

sky, sword1

Wiki janitor

Kyra Engine, GUI, infrastructure code,
create_project, OpenGL backend


SCUMM, AGOS (Retired)

ScummVM website

  • md5 (Filippos Karapetis)
AGI Engine, Drascula Engine,
Dreamweb Engine, MADE Engine,
Neverhood Engine, SAGA Engine,
SCI Engine, Sword25 Engine,
Tinsel Engine, Toltecs Engine


sky, AGOS



Generic script decompiler



Vita Port


Groovie engine

Small Devices Backend

  • Sev (Eugene Sandulenko)
most engines, SDL backend, infrastructure

  • somaen (Einar Johan Trøan Sømåen)


Groovie engine

Access Engine, CGE Engine, CGE2 Engine,
Gob Engine, Hopkins Engine, Hugo Engine,
Lilliput Engine, MADS Engine, Mortevielle Engine,
Tony Tough Engine, TsAGE Engine, U.F.O.s engine,
and Voyeur Engine

Test Framework for ScummVM subsystems

SCUMM Technical Reference,
descumm, scumm resource extractor

Audio mixer, rate converter

Implemented Support for Loadable Modules on Small Devices

Maemo port, Keymapper


Avalanche Engine, CGE2 Engine

  • vgvgf (Alejandro Marzini)
SDL backend and OpenGL



TeenAgent Engine

  • wjp (Willem Jan Palenstijn)
SCI, Packaging for Fedora

SCUMM, Residual, Cine (Retired)

Dreamcast port