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Windows Console - Blessing or Curse?

Currently (2010-10-25), Windows Release Builds open a console window in addition to the normal ScummVM GUI window.

This window is not the drop down debug console (CTRL-D), but the command line DOS style window which shows stdout messages i.e. debug() and warning().

There is a perennial argument as to whether this is a good or a bad thing, mainly with respect to novice Windows users?

This page exists to collect the arguments on both sides and to record counterarguments, so that:
a) a decision can be reached on this which all interested developers can be satisifed with.
b) the reasons and arguments for the decision can be minuted, such that the perennial argument can be avoided in the future, unless the reasons given here can be shown to have evolved.

Pros (Arguments For Hiding The Console Window)

  • Most Windows applications do not display a console window.

Cons (Arguments For Showing The Console Window

  • Displays debug() and warnings() useful for bug reports.