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riscos.png RISC OS Port
Latest Released Version 2.8.1
Supported Audio Options MP3, OGG, FLAC, Uncompressed
Additional Webpage(s) None
Maintainer(s) ccawley2011
Packager(s) ccawley2011
Forum Port Forum
Status Maintained
First Official Version 2.0.0


ScummVM has been ported to RISC OS.

For more information, including how to install and use ScummVM, see the RISC OS page in the ScummVM user documentation.

Developer information

Historic notes

  • Due to technical limitations, the v2.5.0 and v2.5.1 releases are split into two separate applications, with !ScummVM2 containing the grim, myst3, stark, glk, ultima, ags, titanic, tsage and ngi engines, and !ScummVM containing the rest of the supported engines. This problem was resolved starting from the v2.6.0 release.
  • ResidualVM beta - no official version of this was released, as ResidualVM was merged into ScummVM before a new release including it could be made.
  • Older RISC OS port - Latest build is v1.3.1. Previous builds of v.1.0.0 and v0.8.0 are also available.
  • Older RISC OS port - Latest build is v0.50, which is based on ScummVM v0.1.0.