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Al Pond - On Holiday
AGIWiki Al Pond - On Holiday.png
Project Status: Complete
Release Date: 22.03.2003
Author(s): AGIWiki/Eigen Lenk
Language: English
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  • About the Game

    Al Pond On Holiday is a sort of stop gap between the second al pond game (Al Pond: Islad Quest) and the third Al pond game: Al Pond: The early years. Though not the third in the Al Pond series (but third to star al pond) it is still a complete game that fits in with the others quite well.


    Al pond has headed off to an island for a vacation, only to find an old classmate, Ally, who is on vacation at the island. When he tries to hang out the next day he finds her kid-napped and has to rescue her.


    Though not a very long game, Al Pond-On Holiday still mannages to be relatively thurough and comple.

    However, Al Pond-On Holiday still suffers from grammer mistakes, though less numerous than in preceeding games.

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