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Boring Man: The Road to Robinland
AGIWiki Boring Man.png
Project Status: Complete
Release Date: 03.11.2003
Author(s): Robin Gravel
Language: English, French

About the Game

The story: in Boring Land, Boring Man wants a trip to Robinland. The goal is to find a visa to go to Robinland.

This game is a parody of any agi games, Sierra's and fanmades.

Everything in this game is worst: views, backgrounds, animations. Boring Man walks slowly like a snail. Even a snail is faster than him. And no one can complete the game because it's incomplete but it's a complete game anyway. Boring Man is a parody after all.

The gameplay is similar to any Robin Gravel's point & click games like Naturette 2 and 3.



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