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Operation: Recon
Project Status: Abandoned
Release Date: 1998
Author(s): AGIWiki/Nat Budin, Randy Dykstra, AGIWiki/Leigh Ann Frey
Language: English
Website: *

”It will take all their training and ingenuity to stay alive and even save the earth.”

About the Game

The plot centers around recent developments within a laboratory on the surface of the moon. Due to the extremely hazardous nature of these experiments, the moon is the only place safe enough to conduct them. The intro begins as a group of scientists succeed in their latest tests. Unfortunately, their excitement quickly turns into terror as years of research go terribly wrong.

Having lost contact with the lab, a small recon team is quickly assembled to survey and recify any setbacks. Confident this is nothing more than communication problems, they are sent truly unprepared for what lies in store...


Walkthroughs / Hints

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