Atlantis: The Lost Tales

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Atlantis: The Lost Tales
No Screenshot Available
First release 1997
Also known as Atlantis 1
Developed by Cryo Interactive
Published by DreamCatcher Interactive
Distributed by DreamCatcher Interactive
Platforms Windows, Saturn, PlayStation
Resolution 640x480, 65536 colors
Engine Cryo
Support Not supported.
Available for

Atlantis: The Lost Tales is the first game in the Atlantis series. It is a point and click adventure game that follows the protagonist Seth, who has joined the Queen's Companions, the guardians of the Queen of Atlantis. However, he learns that the queen disappeared shortly before he joined, and eventually learns that there is a power struggle between the Queen and the Guards of the Consul. The leader of the Guards, Creon, found the dark crystal that is one half of an ancient weapon, and it has made him mad. Seth must find the light crystal and stop Creon in order to save Atlantis and the rest of the world.

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