Christmas Card 1992

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Christmas Card 1992
Scummvm xmas 1992.jpg
First release 1992
Also known as Xmas Card 1992
Developed by Sierra
Published by Sierra
Distributed by Sierra
Platforms MS-DOS
Resolution 320x200 256 color
Engine SCI
Support Since ScummVM 1.2.0
Available for
Available from our
demos page

Christmas Card 1992 is the name to which Sierra's fourth Christmas Card program is most commonly referred. Like the other christmas cards, it was distributed to stores by Sierra and was intended to showcase the color and sound capabilities of the computer for sale, as well as showcase the capabilities of Sierra's SCI engine.

This card was intended to show off the animation capabilities of the SCI engine, as well as it's color capabilities. It returns to Sierra's Christmas card roots of showing animated Christmas scenery while Christmas music plays in the background.