Compiling ScummVM/PlayStation 2

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a. Decide were your tools and your SDK are going to be ;-)

 For example:

b. First we need the tools, let's get them started with git...

git clone

c. ...and build them using!

Make sure that you have the correct env settings

For me:

 export PS2DEV=/works/devel/ps2/tools
 export PATH=$PATH:$PS2DEV/bin
 export PATH=$PATH:$PS2DEV/ee/bin
 export PATH=$PATH:$PS2DEV/iop/bin
 export PATH=$PATH:$PS2DEV/dvp/bin
 export PS2SDK=/works/devel/ps2/sdk
 export PATH=$PATH:$PS2SDK/bin

You will need them in the future too (not only to create the tools) so you might want to add them to your profile.

Note: the script will download the needed sources from the net. As of right now, the PS2 port won't compile with the most recent versions of the toolchain so you will have to modify the scripts "" and "" to svn check out revision 1628 or earlier.

You won't need most of "ps2toolchain" after building but be sure to save the ps2sdk source (from ps2toolchain/build/ps2sdk) because some other libs (eg. SjPcm) rely on it. I suggest keeping it in /works/devel/ps2/sdk and export:

export PS2SDKSRC=/works/devel/ps2/sdk-src

d. Nearly there! Now we still need some extra libs which are not provided with default SDK:

- I suggest storing all of them in "sdk-extra" so that you just need to edit one line in Makefile.ps2 to compile scummvm

- you can call it "sdk-ports" if you want to be consistent with svn naming structures

    // zlib & libmad
    git clone
    cd zlib
    cd ../libmad
    mkdir ee/lib
    // Tremor (unoptimized)
    mkdir tremor
    cd tremor
    svn co
    [For a PS2 optimized version of Tremor, please contact the porter at]
    // sjcpm (unoptimized)
    mkdir ps2_sdk_old
    cd ps2_sdk_old
    git clone
    cd isjcpm
    [For a PS2 optimized version of sjcpm, please contact the porter at]

e. get ScummVM

git clone


git clone -b branch-1-7-0
cd trunk/backends/platform/ps2

edit Makefile.ps2 to match your sdk-extra (for example: PS2_EXTRA = /works/devel/ps2/sdk-extra)

make -f Makefile.ps2

Your fresh-baked ScummVM will be waiting for you in elf/scummvm.elf ;-) If you don't need the symbols, just strip them ee-strip --strip-all scummvm.elf