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David Whyld is a video game developer that created A.S.D.F.A. (A Short Damn Fantasy Adventure), The Adventures of Postman Matt (and his black and white cat), The Amazing Uncle Griswold, Back To Life... Unfortunately, Barney's Problem, Best Laid Plans, Blood Relatives, Buried Alive, The Cellar, Choices, Choose Your Own..., Choose Your Own Three Hour Adventure, Consequences, Cowboy Blues, Cut the Red Wire! No, the Blue Wire!, A Date With Death, A Day at the Office, A Day In The Life Of A Super Hero, Dead Reckoning, Decisions, The Door To Utopia, The Final Question, For Love Of Digby, Full Circle, Goblin Hunt, Halloween Hijinks, The Haunted House Of Hideous Horror, How Suzy Got Her Powers, In The Claws of Clueless Bob, In The Mind Of The Master, Jailbreak Bob, Jim Pond & The Agents Of F.A.R.T., Lair Of The Vampire, Lights, Camera, Action!, Mortality, The Mystery Of The Darkhaven Caves, Neighbours From Hell, O.N.N.A.F.A. (Oh No Not Another Fantasy Adventure), Options, Paint!!!, The Princess In The Tower, Private Eye, Regrets, The Reluctant Resurrectee, The Reluctant Vampire, The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie!, The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie, Part 2: This Time It's Personal, Requiem, The Saga Of Percy The Viking, Scene Of The Crime, Scene Of The Crime 2: City In Fear, Second Chance, Shards of Memory, Sophie's Adventure, A Spot Of Bother, To Score Or Not To Score, Trick or Treat, The Warlord, The Princess & The Bulldog, Whatever Happened To Uncle Grumble?, Without A Clue, Wolves At The Door, The World According To CBN, The Worst Game In The World... Ever!!!, and Y.A.D.F.A (Yet Another Damn Fantasy Adventure).