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  • Go to this address in your browser to open Steam's console:
    • steam://open/console
    • Or you can fully exit Steam and run it with the -console argument
  • You will now have a "CONSOLE" tab in Steam, and you can type in commands at the bottom
  • Execute these 2 commands
    • @sSteamCmdForcePlatformType ostype
      • (where ostype is one of windows, macos, or linux)
    • @sSteamCmdForcePlatformBitness bitness
      • (where bitness is either 32 or 64)
  • Download your game as normal and wait for it to finish
  • Cut and paste the game folder out of your Steam library so you don't have to worry about Steam trying to manage it in the future
  • Uninstall the game in Steam so it doesn't try to redownload
  • To put your Steam back to your regular OS setting, fully restart Steam or run the commands again with your normal OS