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Escape from Monkey Island
First release 2000
Also known as Monkey Island 4,
Monkey4, MI4, EFMI, EMI
Developed by LucasArts
Published by ak tronic, Aspyr Media,
Electronic Arts, LucasArts
Distributed by Activision, ak tronic,
Aspyr Media, CTO,
Electronic Arts, LucasArts
Platforms Mac OS, PlayStation 2,
Resolution 640x480
Engine GrimE
Support Daily builds
Available for

Escape from Monkey Island was the fourth game in the Monkey Island series, and the second game to use the Lua-based Grim Engine. The game follows Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley as they return to Mêlée Island from their honeymoon. There they discover that Elaine Marley's position of governor has been revoked, her mansion is scheduled to be demolished, and a politician named Charles L. Charles is running for the governorship. Guybrush learns that the islands are being purchased one by one, and pirates are being forced out in favor of tacky Caribbean-themed tourism. Guybrush must find out who is threatening his way of life, piracy, and also find a way to save Elaine's mansion.


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

CD version

You will need to copy the data files from your Escape from Monkey Island CDs into one directory. Specifically, you'll need:

  • All of the M4B files from both CDs. One of the files is easy to miss:local.m4b is located on CD1 in Monkey4/MonkeyInstall. Note: The file voiceAll.m4b is repeated on both CDs. Use the copy from the first CD, it contains all of the required voice data.
  • The Textures directory, combined from both CDs. When copying, rename the FullMonkeyMap.imt files to FullMonkeyMap1.imt andFullMonkeyMap2.imt from CDs 1 and 2 respectively. Note that when using the original installer, only the file from CD 2 will be copied over, meaning that this step has to be done manually.
  • The Movies directory, combined from both CDs.
  • A copy of the official Escape from Monkey Island update patch. You will need a patch specific to the EMI version you're using:
  • "EFMI Installer" if you have the Mac version of EMI.

Demo version

  • *.lab
  • Movies folder
  • Music folder

PS2 version

You will need to copy the data files from your Escape from Monkey Island DVD into one directory. Specifically, you'll need:

  • All of the M4B files from the DVD.
  • The Videos, demos, jambalay, lucre, melee and monkey directories.


Default keyboard settings

Key Binding
Arrow keys Movement
Shift Hold to run
Enter Selects items in inventory, conversation, etc
Escape Skips cutscenes, exits certain screens
e Examine
u Use
p Pickup
i Inventory
q Exit Dialog Menu
. Skips dialogue
F1 Menu
Alt + x Quit (in-game)
Ctrl + c Force quit (from command line)
Alt + Enter Switch between windowed mode and fullscreen
Alt + s Save a screenshot

Joystick/gamepad support

If you want to use a joystick or gamepad for navigation, the joystick support of the engine needs to be enabled using one of the following two options:

  • start ScummVM with --joystick parameter. For more information, see the user documentation.
  • add joystick\_num=0 to the [scummvm] section of the configuration file. For more information, see the user documentation.

Current status in ScummVM

The ResidualVM GrimE engine is being merged into ScummVM.

In the latest daily builds of ResidualVM, Escape from Monkey Island was completable with glitches.

Current development

For a list of what is known, and what needs to be done for EMI to be supported see Research on EFMI

Debug Information

Although the debug system from Grim Fandango was removed, ResidualVM provides some debugging support. Information on the sets and jump points is collected at Escape From Monkey Island Debug Mode.

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