GrimE/Escape From Monkey Island Debug Mode

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Sets are listed in the order they're added to the set_DB in _sets.lua.

Set Description
act Monkey Island Act Cards
cdt Credits
tri Tri-Island Area Map
wed Wedding Ship
gmi Governor's Mansion Interior
voo Voodoo Lady's Shop
scu SCUMM Bar
mdo Melee Island Dock
shi Shipyards
mhe Meathook's Exterior
mhi Meathook's Interior
mem Melee Island Map
mel Melee Town
gme Governor's Mansion Exterior
lua Lua Bar
kit Lua Bar's Kitchen
law Law Firm Interior
vau Bank Vault
ban Bank Interior
bas Bait Shop
hos House O' Sticks
Set Description
hoj Hall O' Justice
lag Lagoon
ulg Underwater Lagoon
mot Mysts O' Tyme
uch Underwater Cavern Hideout
unc Underground Cavern
pph Pegnose Pete's House
for Forest
lum Lucre Island Map
oze Ozzie's Exterior
ozi Ozzie's Interior
pop Place O' Prosthetics
luc Lucre Island Town
mig Microgroggery
cgs Casaba's Ship
cpt Knuttin Town (Puppet Show)
pta Pirate Transmogrification Academy
kab Knuttin Town (Beach)
gpt Jambalaya Town
plt Planet Threepwood
Set Description
sta Stan's
stb Starbuccaneer's
jam Jambalaya Map
pla Plank Diving Competition
hei Monkey Head Interior
col Church of LeChuck
can Canyon
lav Field of Lava
gom Gold Mine
jun Monkey Island Jungle
mib Monkey Beach
moh Monkey Head
mom Monkey Island Map
mon Monkey Town
mrb Test Box
pac Pachinko Rock
toc Toothrot Camp
tow Ozzie's Big-Ass Insult Amplifier
fin Monkey Island Finale
dem Demo Finale


Jump targets

To use the jump targets, press CTRL+D to get to the debug console. Type:

> jump <target>

WARNING: Don't jump backwards, it's bad!

WARNING: Some of these jump targets crash the retail game too, it's safer to jump to the act you'd like to jump to first (for example, to jump to 395, jump to 300 first)

ID # Code Description
100 act1 Start of Act 1
113 drunk After popping the drunk's balloon
115 navigator Got the pretzels, before Insult Arm Wrestling
120 getdainty Got the Gubernatorial Symbol, ready to procure the ship
130 catkill Got all of the pieces to solve the catapult puzzle outside of the Governor's Mansion
132 catkill2 Catapult puzzle solved
135 mansion interior Inside the mansion after solving the catapult puzzle
140 crew Has the cushy contract, ready to hire crew
149 getdainty (can't use) Got the crew, got the ship, right before leaving for Lucre
150 luc Arriving at Lucre Island
155 bankrobbed After the bank robbery
159 Pegnose Pete's House (after Mysts O'Tyme puzzle)
160 solvedmyst Solved the Mysts O'Tyme puzzle
165 dusttrail Followed Ozzie's dust trail
190 clearname Cleared Guybrush's name
199 act1inv Get all of the inventory items from Act 1, completed all puzzles in Act 1
200 act2 Start of Act 2
249 fhead Ready to complete the Figurehead puzzle
250 Jambalaya Island Entrance
251 Jambalaya Island Entrance after the intro bit
270 Got the plank diving certificate
275 At the puppet show in Knuttin Town
290 Get all the inventory items from Act 2, completed all puzzles in Act 2
300 act3 Start of Act 3
350 northmonkey Arrived at Monkey Town
390 invmonkey Get all the inventory items from Act 3, completed all puzzles in Act 3
395 endgame Completed Act 3 and the game