Faust: Seven Games of the Soul

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Faust: Seven Games of the Soul
No Screenshot Available
First release 1999
Also known as Seven Games of the Soul
Developed by Arxel Tribe
Published by Cryo Interactive
Distributed by Anne Carrière
Platforms Windows
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine Ring
Support Not supported
Available for

Faust: Seven Games of the Soul is an adventure game based on the German legend of Faust. It follows an elderly man named Marcellus Faust who meets the devil in an abandoned amusement park. The devil asks Faust for his help in determining whether the seven souls who lived there during the depression era should be condemned to hell. Faust then investigates their lives in the past to learn what led them to their acts, and sees the temptations that leads them to their misdeeds.

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