Five Magical Amulets

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Five Magical Amulets
First release 2005
Also known as 5MA
Developed by Off Studio
Published by Off Studio
Distributed by Off Studio
Platforms Windows, iOS
Resolution 640x480, 16-bit color
Engine Wintermute
Support Since ScummVM 1.7.0
Available for

Five Magical Amulets is an adventure game following a girl named Linda, who was abandoned as a child and raised by the enchantress Twelga. On her eighteenth birthday, she is told about the five amulets, the secret power that is keeping life in the country of Nyron in balance. The evil wizard Zarkyran possesses one amulet, and is seeking the other four to add to his power. Twelga gives Linda the one amulet in her possession and sends her on a mission to find the remaining amulets and stop Zarkyron's plans.

The Windows version is available free from the developer's website.

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