Flight of the Amazon Queen

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Flight of the Amazon Queen
First release 1995
Also known as FOTAQ, Queen
Developed by Interactive Binary Illusions
Published by Warner Interactive, MojoTouch
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms Amiga, DOS
Resolution 320x200, 256 colors
Engine Queen
Support Since ScummVM 0.6.0
Available for
The full game can be
legally downloaded from
our downloads page

Flight of the Amazon Queen follows a pilot for hire named Joe King who is hired to fly a famous actress to her next job, but ends up in a lightning storm and crashes deep in the Amazon Jungle. In the jungle, Joe uncovers a plot by a mad scientist to take over the world by creating an army of dinosaur women created from Amazon women.

Legal Status

In March 2004, the creators and copyright holders of Flight of the Amazon Queen, John Passfield and Steve Stamatiadis, released the game as freeware for use with ScummVM. It is available for download from our Downloads page.


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.


  • QUEEN.1
  • QUEEN.2
  • QUEEN.3
  • QUEEN.4
  • QUEEN.5
  • QUEEN.6
  • QUEEN.7
  • QUEEN.8
  • QUEEN.9
  • QUEEN.10
  • QUEEN.11
  • queen.tbl**


  • QUEEN.1
  • queen.tbl**

Freeware version

  • queen.1c

**NOTE: The queen.tbl file comes bundled with most ScummVM distributions. In most cases, no action is required. However, if you are missing this file, download it here, and place it in the same directory as the other game data files.

Alternatively, use the compress_queen tool to rebuild the data file to include the table and remove the runtime dependency on the queen.tbl file. For more information, see the Tools wiki page. You can also use the tool to compress speech and sound effects with MP3, OGG or FLAC formats.

Default controls

To change these controls, use the Keymaps tab in the global or game-specific settings. For more information, see the user documentation

Hotkey Description
Ctrl + Alt + d Starts the debugger
Ctrl + f Toggles fast mode on/off
F1 Use Journal (saving/loading)
F11 Quick save
F12 Quick load a saved game
Escape Skips cutscenes
Space Skips current line of text

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