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This is a list of known bugs in the games that also occur in the original interpreters.

Gobliiins (gob1)

Fixed in ScummVM

  • Gobliiins stuck after restart from UOTODDV [Bug #4909]
  • Gobliiins stuck after restart from ICVGCGT [Bug #5359]

Not Fixed in ScummVM

  • Scene 12: Inside the Wizard’s House FTQKVLE - Reloading this scene when the Bee is sitting on the top shelf results in bee continuing to fly round i.e. state not cleared [Bug #6320]
  • Scene 14: The Carrot Patch EWDGPNL - Punching the carrot with the key to release it also causes the stick you dropped earlier to vanish [Bug #6321]

Gobliins 2 (gob2)

  • Anvil and Stool hotspots in Forge in wrong place [Bug #6326]
  • Graphical glitch in Tazaar House [Bug #14735]

Goblins Quest 3 (gob3)

  • Coin available in alchemist's lab when it shouldn't [Bug #6328]

Woodruff And The Schnibble Of Azimuth (woodruff)

Bargon Attack (bargon)

Lost In Time (lost)

Fascination (fascination)

Urban Runner (urban)

Known Warnings

  • Couldn't open video "hmx7-44"
  • Couldn't open video "hin11-1"
  • Couldn't open video "hnr11-7"
  • Couldn't open video "MXRAMPART"

Fixed in ScummVM

Not Fixed in ScummVM

  • In Hotel scenes, music level is too high and drowns out speech.
    • Can be avoided by pressing down button on Mobile Phone and clicking to set Music Off.