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Grim Fandango supports a debug mode which allows you to activate special functions and jump to a specified spot in the game. This mode is only available if you have the following line in your configuration file, under your Grim Fandango section:



Keys Effect
Ctrl + e Enter lua string to execute
Ctrl + g Jump to set
Ctrl + i Toggle walk boxes
Ctrl + l Toggle lighting
Ctrl + n Display background name
Ctrl + o Create a door
Ctrl + p Execute patch file
Ctrl + s Turn on cursor
Ctrl + u Create a new object
Ctrl + v print the value of a variable
Alt + l Display light manager
Alt + n Next viewpoint
Alt + p Prev viewpoint
Alt + s Run Lua script
Shift + n Next set
Shift + p Prev set
Shift + o Toggle object names
F3 Toggle sector editor
Home Go to default position in current set
j Enter jump target


Set Description
pf photofinish
testroom Glottis' Dog House
charlie_inv Chowchilla Charlie's Suit
death_inv Black Robe Inventory
siberian_inv Siberian Coat Inventory
nautical_inv Nautical Uniform Inventory
cafe_inv White Dinner Jacket Inventory
action_inv Army Uniform Inventory
suit_inv Work suit inventory
mo Manny's DOD Office
os Stairs Outside the DOD
rp Highway Ramp outside DOD
ha DOD Hallway
lo DOD Lobby
ga DOD Garage
gs Glottis' Mechanics Shop
al Alley behind DOD
st El Marrow Main Street
le DOD Ledge
co Don Copal's Office
lr Land of the Living Diner
pk DOD Packing Room
do Domino Hurley's Office
fe Festival of the Dead
tu Tube Server
hq LSA Headquarters
rf DOD Roof
sm El Marrow Skyline from Forest
sg Petrified Forest Signpost Fork
sp Petrified Forest Spider Web
na Petrified Forest "Maze"
lb Beaver Warning Sign
bd Beaver Dam
bv Gate Outside Beaver Dam
tr Tree Pump Machinery Room
fc Outside Rubacava
re Rubacava Rubamat Exterior
ri Rubacava Rubamat Interior
cf Cafe Calavera Office
cc Cafe Calavera Coat Check
ci Cafe Calavera Bar
cn Cafe Calavera Casino
ce Cafe Calavera Exterior
Set Description
cl Cafe Calavera Ledge
lm Rubacava Dock
hb temp hub room
bw Blue Casket Wide Shot
be Blue Casket Exterior
bi Blue Casket Interior
bk Blue Casket Kitchen
se Tattoo Shop Exterior
si Tattoo Shop Interior
ev Rubacava Elevator Station
pc Rubacava Police Station
mg Rubacava Morgue
bp Rubacava Bridge - Police Side
bb Rubacava Bridge
gt Rubacava City Gate
sl Security Officer Carla
tb Kitty Track Betting Area
tw Kitty Track Overview Window
ts Kitty Track Stairs
kh Kitty Track Hallway (Sanspoof)
ks Kitty Stable
dd The Bees' Dry Dock
hh High Rollers Lounge Hall
hl High Rollers Lounge
hk High Rollers Lounge Kitchen
hp High Rollers Lounge Pantry
he High Rollers Lounge Elevator
wc High Rollers Wine Cellar
de High Rollers Dillopede
dh High Rollers Dillopede Hall
mx Swanky Maximino's Office
pi Rubacava Police Station Int.
lx Rubacava Lighthouse Exterior
xb Velasco's Storage Room
tx track base
cb Cafe Calavera Balcony
tp Betting Ticket Printer
lz Deck of Lola
il Lola Interior
ei Lola Engine Room
dp Engines Porthole - Dock
op Engines Porthole - Ocean
su Sunken Lola
Set Description
ps Octopus Submarine
ew End of the World Overview
ea End of the World Airlock
mn End of the World Mines
fh End of the World Factory Hub
vd Number 9 Tickets Vault Door
ar End of the World Ashtray Room
dr Domino at the End of the World
fo Mining Foreman's Office
cy Conveyor Belt
ac Anchor at Conveyor Belt
gh Lamancha over the Edge of the World
cv Crane and Conveyor Belt
bu Upper Beach
ck Crane Track Overview
bl Lower Beach
cu Crusher
vo Outer Number 9 Tickets Vault
vi Inner Number 9 Tickets Vault
lu Submarine Battle
inv_naut Nautical Inventory
ul Underneath the Lola
tg 9th Underworld Temple Gate
bs Temple Back Stairs
my Mayan Workshop
td Mayan Truck Depot
mk Mayan Mechanics Kitchen
jb Velasco's Storage Room Int.
nq New LSA Headquarters
sh sewer hub
lw LSA Headquarters Sewer
te Sewer outside Theater
th El Marrow Theater Backstage
zw Sewer Forking
at Tunnel Outside Florist's Shop (Albinizod)
fp Florist's Shop Exterior
fi Florist's Shop Interior
ly Le Man's Lobby
hf Le Man's Foyer
nl El Marrow Neon Ledge
mf Meadow outside Greenhouse
me Meadow outside Greenhouse
mt Mayan Station Before 9th Underworld

Thanks to The DOD for the list and the descriptions.

Jump targets

Code Description
rb Reaped Bruno
rm Reaped Meche
gb Packing Room
tb Manny's Office
tc Tube Room
mm Manny and Meche dialogue
sd Locked up in Glottis' Shop (Salvador).
cr Ledge
pb boh
rip Petrified Forest (Glottis rips his heart out)
forest boh
gh Spider Web (Glottis' heart)
tp Tree Pump
tf Scrimshaw Interiors
dm Morgue
shanghai2 Cafe Exteriors
hrkitchen High Roller Kitchen
winecellar Wine cellar
mf boh
ts Meadow exterior