Hades Challenge

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Hades Challenge
No Screenshot Available
First release 1998
Also known as Disney's Hades Challenge
Developed by Disney Interactive Victoria
Published by Disney Interactive, Inc.
Distributed by Disney Interactive, Inc.
Platforms Windows
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine Hadesch
Support Since ScummVM 2.6.0
Available for

Hades Challenge was an adventure game based on Hercules franchise by Disney. It also has mini-games.


Required data files

Copy the following directories recursively:

For the 1997 release:

  • Scenes/
  • WIN95/

For the 1998 release:

  • CDAssets/
  • WIN9x/

Both 1997 and 1998 releases have Mac partition which is also supported. Then you need:

  • Hades - Copy To Hard Drive/
  • Scenes/

File "Hades - Copy To Hard Drive/Hades Challenge/Hades Challenge PPC" needs to keep its resource fork.

For the Russian release. It's based on the 1997 English release but instead of WIN95 folder you need setup.exe:

  • Scenes/
  • setup.exe

Alternatively to setup.exe you can supply world/WD.pod and hadesch.exe from installed game but that requires running installer or otherwise unpacking it

Note: dump on archive.org and another dump known to author are damaged and not playable due to lack of essential files. Scummvm will detect them as pirated and refuse to play. Please use a legitimate source of game data


See the Hadesch engine TODO.

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