Host Master and the Conquest of Humor

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Host Master and the Conquest of Humor
No Screenshot Available
First release 2009
Also known as Host Master
Developed by Double Fine Productions
Published by Double Fine Productions
Distributed by Double Fine Productions
Platforms Linux, macOS, Windows
Resolution 320x240 256 colors
(the Wintermute engine
currently requires 32-bit
color to be enabled)
Engine Wintermute, Flash
Support Wintermute: Not officially
supported. A WIP engine is
available from our
Git repository.
Flash: Not supported
Available for

Host Master and the Conquest of Humor is a single-room adventure game where the goal is to collect jokes around the room backstage at the 2009 Game Developers Choice Awards so that Double Fine founder Tim Schafer can successfully host the awards show.

There are three different endings depending on how many jokes are collected. There are 22 jokes in total.

Wintermute port

It was originally developed in Flash. It is being converted to use the Wintermute engine during the "Coding for COVID" charity fundraiser raising funds for relief from the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

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