Kingdom: The Far Reaches

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Kingdome: The Far Reaches
First release 1995
Also known as Thayer's Quest, Reaches - A Prequel to Kingdom II: Shadoan
Developed by Virtual Image Productions
Published by Interplay Productions Ltd
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms 3DO, CD-i, DOS, Macintosh, Windows
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Kingdom
Support Not supported
Available for

In this adventure game, step into the shoes of Lathan Kandor, a young boy, to defeat the evil Black Wizard. Lathan will find help from his mentor, the mighty magician Daelon. Explore the fantasy lands of the Far Reaches and retrieve three of the five pieces of the ancient relic called The Hand of Mobus. Talk to a variety of characters, collect objects and solve adventure type problems and puzzles.

Only the DOS version is targetted by the engine so far. Only a MVE player is missing (and a lot of testing).

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