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kolibrios.png KolibriOS Port
Latest Released Version 2.7.0
Supported Audio Options MP3, OGG, FLAC, Uncompressed
Additional Webpage(s) None
Maintainer(s) phcoder
Packager(s) phcoder
Forum Port Forum
Status Maintained
First Official Version 2.7.0


ScummVM has been ported to KolibriOS.

Historic notes

  • Older MenuetOS port - Latest build is v0.6.0.
  • Older KolibriOS port - A port is indicated on the Applications page, but this was not completed and was removed from SVN in r2289.
    • Note: KolibriOS is a GPL fork of MenuetOS due to closed source licensing of later releases, thus as MenuetOS had a ScummVM port, a port to KolibriOS should be possible.