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Konami was founded by Kagemasa Kōzuki on March 21, 1969. It was incorporated as Konami Industry Co., Ltd. (コナミ工業株式会社, Konami Kōgyō Kabushiki Gaisha) on March 19, 1973.

It was renamed Konami Co., Ltd. (コナミ株式会社, Konami Kabushikigaisha) in June 1991.

The company's legal name was changed in English to Konami Corporation in July 2000, but the company's legal Japanese name remained the same.

In 2015, the company became Konami Holdings Corporation (株式会社コナミホールディングス, Kabushikigaisha Konami Hōrudingusu). On April 27, 2015, Konami delisted itself from the New York Stock Exchange.

They published Plan 9 From Outer Space in North America.

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