Leisure Suit Larry series

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The Leisure Suit Larry games are an extremely successful series of graphic adventures, made by Sierra.

The first Leisure Suit Larry was a graphical remake of a text adventure called Softporn Adventure, which was released by Sierra in 1981 (which is out of scope of ScummVM since it's not a point-and-click adventure.

Leisure Suit Larry series

Both the AGI and SCI version of the original Leisure Suit Larry are supported by ScummVM. Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is created with a custom Unity engine, so it is not supported by ScummVM.


There were also two collections of gambling related minigames using the SCI engine (which were both minigames from other Sierra products):

Additionally, the series was so popular it also spawned various other minigame and joke releases: The Laffer Utilities (1992) (a collection of programs meant to parody the popular Norton Utilities package), Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (2004) (a collection of minigames starring a new character named Larry Lovage, who is said to be the nephew of the original protaganist, Larry Laffer), and. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (2009) (the sequel to Magna Cum Laude, once again a collection of minigames starring Larry Lovage). These are not in the scope of ScummVM since they are not graphical adventure games, do not run on the AGI or SCI engines, and are not part of the main Leisure Suit Larry series. They are merely listed here for the sake of completeness.