Looky - The Adventure

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Looky - The Adventure
No Screenshot Available
First release 2007
Also known as Looky - Das Adventure
Developed by MAC
Published by MAC
Distributed by MAC
Platforms Windows
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Wintermute
Support Not officially supported.
Engine included in ScummVM since 1.7.0
Available for
Free from Adventurespiele

Looky - The Adventure is a German language adventure game that takes place on the planet Vermis. On a small island, it seems that the island's volcano is about to erupt. The villagers choose a worm named Looky to undertake a mission to travel to the volcano to determine whether the volcano is active again, or if it is a false alarm.

The full version is available in German only, however English subtitles are available in the demo. The demo is also available from Adventurespiele.

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