Maniac Mansion series

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The Maniac Mansion games are a series of two graphic adventures, created by LucasArts.

There was also a special edition of Day of the Tentacle where the SCUMM engine was also adapted for high-resolution art and music that sits on top of the original V6 script data (and also includes the SCUMM V2 version of Maniac Mansion). This version had two modes: the "modern" mode, with high-resolution art, and the "classic" mode, with the original art. It is possible to extract the files of the "classic" mode of Day of the Tentacle and the V2 version of Maniac Mansion and make them playable via ScummVM. The process is performed using DoubleFine Explorer. Do note that by using this method, only the classic mode of Day of the Tentacle is playable in ScummVM.