Mdo.def Information

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  • NAME is for show the Name of the Game
  • EXEC is for start the Game with the right Executable
  • LANG for the Language (it depends on your Language of the Game)
  • GRAPH which Graphical Protocol the Games uses (by default VGA)
  • MOUSE is for Mouse Support in the Game
  • SOUNDN is empty
  • SOUND which Protocols are used for the Sound (by default it is BLASTER+MEDIA+NOSOUND+ADLIB+MDO) and for which Sound Bits (by default it is 8+16)
  • JOY is for Joystick Support in the Game
  • CDROM is for if the Game needs a CDROM Drive
  • RAM how much Ram the Game needs (in KB is it shown)
  • S_MOUSE is for support for a secound Mouse
  • RAMHI is for using Hidden Ram (that means Ram for run some things of Game in the Background)
  • HARD is for how many Hard Drive Space is needed for the Game (its shown in MB)
  • WINRAM is for the Ram thats Windows uses
  • VIDEO is for the Video Bits (by default it is 8+16+24)
  • ROOT is for the Game Directory (its default goes to \ to go into the Directory)