Might and Magic V

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Might and Magic V
First release 1993
Also known as Might and Magic:
Darkside of Xeen
Developed by New World Computing
Published by New World Computing
Distributed by New World Computing
Platforms DOS, MacOS, NEC PC-9801
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Xeen
Support Not supported
Available for

Might and Magic V is the fifth game in the Might and Magic series of role playing games. It continues directly after Might and Magic IV ended, and the game uses the save data from its predecessor for the levels, experience, and other statistics of the characters. The adventurers head to the other side of the world, where the evil Sheltem of Terra has conquered its inhabitants. The wizard Ellinger reveals that Sheltem has moved the Queen of the Darkside's castle out of phase with the physical realm. He tasks the adventurers with gathering enough energy discs to create a spell to bring the castle back into reality, and then to ultimately defeat Sheltem once and for all.

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