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Engine developer dreammaster, sev, strangerke
Companies that used it Lankhor
Games that use it Mortville Manor
Date added to ScummVM 2013-07-29
First release containing it 1.7.0

The Mortevielle engine was used by Lankhor in Mortville Manor, which was a best seller in several countries in 1987-1989 (depending on the platform). The game is completely hardcoded and is using a complex speech generation based on phoneme analysis.

The team is working on this engine based on sources provided by the DOS porter and DotEmu. They are a mix of Pascal and ASM.



  • French and German DOS version completable
  • Complete English (homemade), French and German translations in DAT file (including menus)
  • No speech support (because they are terrible)
  • Amiga/Atari versions not (yet) supported
  • Other platforms seem to use a completely different engine, no support planned.

The original German translation is apparently not very good. There is a possibility to provide an improved translation in the DAT file if we get volunteers to write it.

Adding speech support is a proposed task for GSoC: GSoC_Ideas#Adding_text_to_speech_support_in_Mortville_Manor. There is also a proof of concept: see code on GitHub and video on youtube.


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