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Name Arnaud Boutonné
Team Member since 2009-04-21
Working on Access Engine, CGE Engine, CGE2 Engine,
Chewy Engine, Efh Engine, Gob Engine, Hopkins Engine,
Hugo Engine, Kingdom Engine, Lilliput Engine, MADS Engine,
Mortevielle Engine, Tony Tough Engine, Trecision Engine,
TsAGE Engine, U.F.O.s engine, and Voyeur Engine
Personal webpage/BLOG
Email strangerke AT scummvm DOT org

strangerke (with a upper S on IRC) is currently working on the CGE, Gob, Hopkins, Hugo, Lilliput, Mortevielle, Tony Tough and TsAGE engines. He also updates the wiki pages related to those engines, and even more when he feels inspired


Things planned to do (in alphabetical order):

  • Access Engine
    • Implement proper sound queueing
    • Add more titles
  • EFH Engine
    • Test the game to identify (and fix) bugs
  • Lilliput Engine
    • Improve support of The Adventures of Robin Hood
    • Add sound & music support
    • Work on Rome: Pathway to Power
    • Find a way to extract the data files from the Amiga and Atari booters
  • MADS
    • Add more titles
  • Mortevielle
    • Add support for Atari or Amiga versions
    • Add support to Maupiti Island
  • TsAGE Engine
    • Add more titles